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Jungshin Fitness Warrior Packs! Get fit today!

Jungshin Fitness Warrior Packs! Get fit today!

$227.00 $299.00

A warrior pack includes your very own engraved Jungshin Fitness long sword, two engraved short swords, a Jungshin T-shirt, two sword bags, and both DVDs! It's a great deal. 

The aerodynamically cut swords are engraved with the Jungshin logo, light in color, made of white oak and are ready for action. The long sword weighs between 1.7-2.5 lbs and can be become heavy during use. 

Purchase 3 warrior packs on the same date and receive a FREE INSTRUCTOR TRAINING redeemed on-line or in person within a year of purchase. 

If you want to customize your warrior pack, please go to www.jungshinfitness.com/store

 Questions? email us at info@jungshinfitness.com